Supporting Businesses in Mayo

November is always an interesting month for a business, as with the exception of a few well-organised folks buying in

Back to School Tips

It seems impossible, but soon schools will reopen, and we might all be in a panic to buy the gear

Cooking Whole Foods

Now that I’ve covered the benefits of organic foods, today we’ll discuss how to use them. People often ask how

Why Organic Food?

After the last column I’m sure the surfaces in your house are chemical-free and clean enough to eat off of,

Tips for a Non-Toxic Home

Last time I covered how to lighten up your personal care routine to ensure you’re not applying chemicals directly to

Simple & Gentle Personal Care

In the last post, nearly half of the swaps we covered were related to personal hygiene: soap, toothbrushes, razors and

Zero Waste Swaps

In the first two columns, we covered the 7Rs of reducing waste, and based on questions I receive on a

7 Rs: Recycle, Rehome, Replant, Rot

Today we’re returning to the 7Rs of minimizing waste, following on from Refuse, Reduce and Reuse, to give you some

7 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse

What exactly is ‘green living’, and how does one embrace it? It can feel as elusive as enlightenment, but I’m